I'll Tell You Where to Stuff It!
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I'll Tell You Where to Stuff It!

Mounted Coyote Southern Life Taxidermy is a licensed full service wildlife taxidermy studio that is able to meet the wide array of all your taxidermy needs. We are a family owned and run studio so we know the importance of giving each customer and mount personal attention.

All Southern Life Taxidermy mounts are tanned on site. We choose to use a wet tan approach rather than dry preserve. Wet tanning causes a chemical change preserving the hide better and keeping mounts looking life-like for many years to come. We tan on site to eliminate the time wasted in sending hides to outside tanneries. That means a faster turn around time for you getting your trophy.

Steve with dipped antlers Southern Life Taxidermy uses only the top of the line materials in our mounts. Competition grade eyes, noses, and jaw sets are used in all our mounts to achieve the most life-like mounts. We put just as much attention to detail in our habitat as we do our mounts. Add one of our realistic bases to enhance the look of your trophy. All the processes and materials we use are to ensure we provide you with the ultimate mount.

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